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  • 16 June 2016

    Polish-Azeri and Polish-Iranian relations were the topics of Minister Witold Waszczykowski’s interview for Trend, an Azeri news agency.

    As minister Witold Waszczykowski points out, the presence of Poles in Azerbaijan dates back to the late eighteenth century. "In the 19th century, Poles played important role in developing Azerbaijan, and so they did in the oil extraction industry," said minister Waszczykowski. "In the historic Baku city center of that time, many buildings were erected according to the plans by Polish architects like Eugeniusz Skibinski," he added.


    "There are no points of contention in our contemporary bilateral Polish-Azeri relations," asserted the Polish foreign minister.  He stressed that nowadays Poland and Azerbajian should focus on widening cooperation, particularly in economic and social areas. "In 2015, our trade exchange reached approximately $150 million, which definitely does not reflect the potential of our relationship," said Waszczykowski. "In particular, we are interested in developing Polish export (shipbuilding, agricultural machinery) to Azerbaijan," he added.



    Minister Waszczykowski said that Poland welcomes Azerbaijan's plans to diversify its economy and diminish its dependence of the raw material export. He noted that that numerous Polish companies with experience in applying innovative technologies have much to offer in this field.


    Asked about a recently signed memorandum of understanding between Poland and Iran, Minister Waszczykowski said that there is still a long way ahead for the Polish and Iranian partners before these preliminary agreements are transformed into fully binding contracts. The head of Polish diplomacy also expressed his satisfaction about recent SWIFT's decision after which there are now no legal barriers for money transfers between the EU and Iranian banks.


    “Diversification of supplies, looking for new sources and suppliers, as well as channels of delivery of the crude oil and natural gas are matters of strategic importance for Poland,” stressed the Minister asked if Poland plans to buy crude oil from Teheran.


    MFA Press Office


    Source: Trend News Agency

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