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  • We believe that trade between Poland and Iran could reach the billion-dollar turnover mark in the future,” said Witold Waszczykowski and Mohammad Javad Zarif, Poland’s and Iran’s MFA chiefs during a press conference at the Polish MFA on Sunday.  


    Mohammad Javad Zarif’s two-day visit to Warsaw focused on economic, political and cultural cooperation.


    In his address, Minister Waszczykowski underscored that Iran is an important political and economic partner for Poland, “an important state in an important region.”


    In referring to the international agreement on Iran’s nuclear programme signed last July whose implementation ended almost 10 years of international sanctions against Tehran, the Polish foreign minister said he was happy that “after years of marginalisation and even ostracism of Iran, the country is coming back as an important partner, an important player and as a country that will have an impact on positive solutions to the international situation.”


    Before the press conference, both ministers signed an agreement on political consultations, which – according to Waszczykowski – could open "a new stage of political, as well as economic and cultural cooperation,” and will contribute to closer Polish-Iranian relations.


    The Iranian foreign minister argued in turn that Iran and Poland share “extensive possibilities of cooperation” and the fact that both countries “have a large role to play in their neighbourhoods when it comes to security and stability.”


    Both ministers placed special emphasis on economic cooperation.


    "Mr Minister, I hope that your ambassador’s dream that Polish-Iranian economic relations could reach the billion-dollar mark will now begin to be realised,” said Waszczykowski, addressing his Iranian counterpart.


    Javad Zarif said he was also confident that trade turnover between Poland and Iran could in the future reach one billion dollars. He underscored that his delegation to Warsaw included representatives of the Iranian Chamber of Commerce and businessmen representing different branches, “mainly the private sector” and that “they hope to establish cooperation with their Polish partners.” "Cooperation in many different areas of the economy is possible,” he said.


    Both ministers also stressed the historical ties existing between the two countries, like the memory of Poles who landed in Iran during WWII.


    "I hope that our peoples will draw on this great past in order to cooperate in the future,” said Javad Zarif.


    Waszczykowski noted in turn that the histories of Poland and Iran also "met" at the turn of the 1970s and 1980s, “when our two countries opposed foreign domination,” and in 1989 when Iran and Poland embarked on the road to social and economic change.


    On Monday, Javad Zarif, representatives of the Polish government and of Polish and Iranian entrepreneurs are to take part in a Polish-Iranian Economic Forum.


    Source: PAP

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